About Me...                


Hi!  I’m Phillip, the owner of Colling Films. I am just a goofy dude from Chicago who by God’s grace, found a passion for filmmaking. After the shortest professional baseball career in history (3 weeks!) and being a high school biology teacher for 6 years, I filmed my first wedding. After that, I completely fell in love with the emotional impact I could make in someone else’s life through story-telling. I haven’t looked back since. I genuinely love what I do, and my family and I are so incredibly blessed to be a part of your lives!

Meet the Colling Family...

  1. I met my wife, Caitlin, while playing collegiate baseball and softball at Olivet Nazarene University.

  2. We have been married almost 8 years and got married in Illinois in December.

  3. We have 2 boys and 1 girl: 6 year old McCovey, 3 year old Declan, and our sweet Selah Clare is 1 years old.

  4. We love our families, our life group, and our church.

  5. I (Phil) do all the shooting and editing, but my wife is a fashion stylist so she always helps me look over every film to make sure everyone at every angle is looking their best! :)

5 random facts...

I recently had my first viral video. It’s a funny one of my two boys. You can see it HERE.

I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan.

I can quote any line from The Office.

I love eating red grapes. Like, a lot.

I can type 100 words a minute but I have fat fingers so I can’t text well.